The Bunkroom

While the kids are busy being pirates and mermaids, check out the “Bunkroom.” Here guests can sit and relax in our ship’s bunks and enjoy the tales of life on the Gulf. Throughout history, many have slept in bunks similar to these as they carried out their important duties on the Gulf’s sometimes dangerous waters. 

During World War II stevedores played a crucial role in loading and unloading cargo ships, supporting the war effort by ensuring swift supply chain operations. Sailors navigated treacherous waters, braving enemy submarines to transport troops and supplies. Workers in shipyards along the coast churned out vessels to replenish Allied fleets. These historical roles laid the foundation for modern-day maritime operations, where echoes of the past resonate in the bustling ports and bustling activities on the Gulf of Mexico today. From merchant marines to Coast Guard search and rescue, you are bound to learn something new about the workers who have and do call the waters of the Gulf home.