Docking on the Riverfront May 26 – June 18, 2024

Come and Sea the last American PT Boat, PTF-26, at the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. Built in 1968 by Sewart Seacraft, PTF-26 is a historic U.S. Navy gunboat and maritime training vessel. It played a crucial role in the Vietnam War as one of the first Combatant Craft in the Navy’s modern Naval Special Warfare. PTF-26 showcases the naval technology of its time. With a design speed of 40 knots, this 95-foot Osprey-Class PTF is a symbol of military strategy and innovation.

Today, PTF-26 trains NUROTC cadets, Sea Scouts, and Sea Cadets and serves as a maritime incident command post for the US Coast Guard’s Paducah Area Maritime Security Committee. Explore the history and significance of PTF-26 at the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico and learn about its contributions to U.S. naval history.

Photos/Videos by Paul Dovie and Maritime Pastoral Training Foundation