Bring your Class to the National Maritime Museum

Step into an interactive classroom that is unlike any other. The National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico has 8 “decks” featuring interactive exhibits on the history, commerce and ecology of the Gulf Coast Region. With four exciting programs to choose from, our dedicated staff of educators can create a curriculum that best suits your needs. Choose from over 50 different modules that cover everything from the technology of offshore platforms to the history of the French, British and Spanish explorers. With more than 80 interactive exhibits, your students are sure to enjoy their visit – and they might just learn something too!

Choose from Four Great Programs:

Commerce of the Gulf

Includes: Technology of off-shore platforms, the invention of container shipping, trade routes then and now, roles of bar pilots, tow pilots and the Coast Guard, step outside our building to see the port in action.

History of the Gulf

Includes: French, British and Spanish explorers, The Gulf in WWII, shipwrecks of the Gulf, Civil War on the Gulf, the evolution of riverboats, ships on the Gulf from combat to commerce.

Navigating the Gulf

Includes: Identifying landmarks, reading charts, navigational instruments then and now, GPS and satellites, latitude and longitude, how propellers work, winds and currents, signal flags.

Ecology of the Gulf

Includes: Hurricanes, their causes and paths of destruction, our solar system and beyond, tension between the environmental, economic and energy sectors, marine sanctuaries and wetlands, maritime research, E.O.Wilson and his study of fire ants.

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