Each month, National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico joins up with a speaker to give an informative seminar about a maritime-related topic.
The GulfChats take place on the first Thursday of the month, at 6pm, in the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico Maritime Museum.


PTF-26 Informational Video

April 11, 2024 GulfChat: Empowering Delta Communities for Conservation and Clean Water

January 11, 2024 GulfChat: Natural Resource Restoration in Coastal Alabama

November 9, 2023 GulfChat: Mobile & Havana: Sisters Across the Gulf

October 12, 2023 GulfChat: The I-10 Mobile River Bridge Archaeology Project

Coast Guard Art Exhibition Grand Opening


August 10, 2023 GulfChat: A Conversation with Cam Marston

July 13, 2023 GulfChat: The rise and fall of riverboats in Alabama

June 8, 2023 GulfChat: The Maroon Marines: Archaeology at Prospect Bluff

April 18, 2023 GulfChat: America's Amazon

An Evening with Nick Tabor!

March 9, 2023 GulfChat: Mobile Bay: A Maritime Pilgrimage of the Heart

February 9, 2023 GulfChat: Osprey Initiative

September 8, 2022 GulfChat: Hurricanes on the Northern Gulf Coast

November 10, 2022 GulfChat: Invasive Plants In Our Area

January 12, 2023 GulfChat: The Pelican Girls

October 13, 2022 GulfChat: Piracy & Privateering in the Gulf of Mexico

August 11, 2022 GulfChat: The Trouble with Ironclads

July 14, 2022 GulfChat: Legacies of the Middle Passage