Each month, National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico joins up with a speaker to give an informative seminar about a maritime-related topic.
The GulfChats take place on the first Thursday of the month, at 6pm, in the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico Maritime Museum.

April 11, 2024 GulfChat: Empowering Delta Communities for Conservation and Clean Water

January 11, 2024 GulfChat: Natural Resource Restoration in Coastal Alabama

November 9, 2023 GulfChat: Mobile & Havana: Sisters Across the Gulf

October 12, 2023 GulfChat: The I-10 Mobile River Bridge Archaeology Project

Coast Guard Art Exhibition Grand Opening


August 10, 2023 GulfChat: A Conversation with Cam Marston

July 13, 2023 GulfChat: The rise and fall of riverboats in Alabama

June 8, 2023 GulfChat: The Maroon Marines: Archaeology at Prospect Bluff

April 18, 2023 GulfChat: America's Amazon

An Evening with Nick Tabor!

March 9, 2023 GulfChat: Mobile Bay: A Maritime Pilgrimage of the Heart

February 9, 2023 GulfChat: Osprey Initiative

September 8, 2022 GulfChat: Hurricanes on the Northern Gulf Coast

November 10, 2022 GulfChat: Invasive Plants In Our Area

January 12, 2023 GulfChat: The Pelican Girls

October 13, 2022 GulfChat: Piracy & Privateering in the Gulf of Mexico

August 11, 2022 GulfChat: The Trouble with Ironclads

July 14, 2022 GulfChat: Legacies of the Middle Passage